Wife Beater Your wife nag you for getting drunk on the job and getting fired. So take revenge by beating the living daylights out of her. The More you beat her the faster she moves. Try not ..
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  • Fluid Dynamics Stress Test

    Fluid Dynamics Stress Test

    Fluid Dynamics Stress Test
  • Pong Multyplayer

    Pong Multyplayer

    Need some game to let you friends see how good you are. Go and play Pong Multyplayer with them. Who is the b..
  • RightShot


    RightShot is a strategy game where the player must hit all the flashlights in each stage of the game with cann..
  • Staries Game

    Staries Game

    Destroy the stars by connecting 3 or more stars of the same colour. Use the mouse to drag the stars horizon..
  • Art Painting – Air Combat 4

    Art Painting – Air Combat 4

    Play this 6 scenes jigsaw puzzle games of the Art Painting - Air Combat. Level up, difficulty increase. Drag a..
  • SkyBlox


    SkyBlox is a side scroller game where the object is to jump on blocks - created by clicking - avoid falling to..
  • Save the stickman

    Save the stickman

    Press the mouse, draw a line with the pencil tool from the red dot at the feet of the stickman to the door of ..
  • colourPod 2: dimensionPod

    colourPod 2: dimensionPod

    dimensionPod is the much anticipated sequel to colourPod. Collect colour fragments on your colour Lens to a..
  • Cirplosion


    Cirplosion is an addictive physics-based skill game where you must create circles in the gaps between moving o..
  • Bumper Bounce

    Bumper Bounce

    Bumper Bounce
  • Master Your Mind

    Master Your Mind

    Goal of the game is to guess the hidden combination of gemstones using deduction and interpretation of previou..
  • Mitten


    Mitten is avoiding arrows that fall out of the sky! Why are there arrows falling out of the sky? Heck knows :S..
  • Jump It

    Jump It

    Jump on the red block to continue gaining score. The blocks will get smaller and spread out from each other. Y..
  • Catch The Fupa

    Catch The Fupa

    In this game a number of Fupa suspects will be shown to you. After a certain time period one of the Fupa suspe..
  • Chameleball


    Help Chameleball destroy the evil coloured blocks by bouncing on them in the correct colour! Collect 2 type..
  • Kanji Match

    Kanji Match

    Kanji Match
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