Yummy Milkshake Make yourself a delicious milkshake.
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PINGUIN DROPZONE - THE XMASS EDITION! Welcome to the special edition of Pinguin DropZone Xmass! Pick up your pinguin with your mouse and place it on the exact points in the field to claim the points you need to ..
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  • Super Sumo

    Super Sumo

    Use the arrow or W,A,S,D keys to attack the other sumo wrestler. If you knock him out of the ring you get a la..
  • Elite Corps – Tower Defense

    Elite Corps – Tower Defense

    Hero Tower Defense, with some new features – 2 playable heroes on map, who will assist you during defense, 6..
  • PRO 501 DARTS

    PRO 501 DARTS

    Je start met 501 punten en drie darts. Wanneer je gooit (muisklik) en mikt (beweeg muis) zul je merken dat je ..
  • Qilox


    In Qilox, you must try to capture more than 75% of the arena whilst avoiding enemies. When you enter the arena..
  • cut!


    Cutting the yard has never been so fun! Race the clock and cut as much of the yard as you can while avoiding o..
  • Memory IV

    Memory IV

    In this game you will be presented with a sequence of random objects and you need to memorise them and then re..
  • Crush 2

    Crush 2

    Crush 2
  • Asteroid Defense 3

    Asteroid Defense 3

    You have to defend your asteroid from alien attacks... you are in the last defended base of the humans... Don..
  • Whack a Mole Revenge

    Whack a Mole Revenge

    A super mole is taking his revenge for all the moles whacked over the years. You control the humans and must ..
  • BlastOut


    Bounce the angry circles through 19 action packed levels to destroy the terrain, release the particles and get..


    You have allotted seconds to identify all cigarettes in the game, and rifle them with your water pistol withou..
  • Smilies Invasion

    Smilies Invasion

    Get into the fantastic world of Smilies Invasion and try to eat as many Green Smilies as you can! But warning,..
  • Spin the black circle

    Spin the black circle

    Ball physics game, with a rotating maze. 26 exciting levels. Featuring Box2D physics engine. You must be..
  • Drop the Ball

    Drop the Ball

    Use rotation to guide the ball to the exit. Walls are semi-solid. Play around with the ball to learn how to ..
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